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Actions, Student Debt

Thanks to student loan borrowers’ advocacy, the HEROES Act has made it through the House and is now being considered by the Senate. The plan includes a proposal for $10,000 of debt cancellation for student loan borrowers who are economically distressed.

This means that millions of borrowers who desperately need relief—people in default, forbearance, or who qualify for $0 IDR payments—would get it. This is a tangible and major progress on borrower solutions—especially compared to what Congress would consider three months ago. And this is thanks to people, like you, who have spoken up about this crisis. 

Last week, advocates and policy experts came together to praise the HEROES Act.  Experts are warning the Senate: the student debt crisis was already at a boiling point before this pandemic. Borrowers urgently need relief.

As we strive to reach economic stability, student debt will prevent these millions of borrowers from affording rent, childcare, food, medications, and other necessities. Our solutions must center those who are struggling the most.  

You contacted the House, now join us and our partners in calling on Senate leadership to support students and the economy by providing student debt cancellation. 

Email the Senate and demand they #CancelStudentDebt!

Have an extra two minutes? After you email and tweet your senators, send this to five fellow activists and tell them to take action, too!

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