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Ella Azoulay

Program Coordinator

Brent J. Cohen

Executive Director

Bruce Franks Jr.

#Fight4AFuture Senior Consultant

Amber Gaither

Senior Operations Coordinator

Charlotte Hancock

Director of Communications and Digital Strategy

Emily Leach

Senior Press Associate

Lotanna Obodozie

Advocacy Associate

Kiayna O’Neal

Digital Communications Associate

Edwith Theogene

Director of Advocacy

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Criminal Justice Reform, Gun Violence Prevention
Previously known as the Gun Violence Prevention Network, in 2013 this was the first intentional and national effort to reach out to young people on the issue of gun violence. At the 2016 third annual Fight4AFuture Summit, we rebranded the Gun Violence Prevention Network to the Fight4AFuture Network, as we make an intentional effort to incorporate criminal justice reform in our work.
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Higher Ed, Not Debt

Student Debt
While highly educated, young people face staggering amounts of student loan debt. Overall, Americans now owe more than $1.4 trillion in student debt. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of this ticket is risking our nation’s future as a middle‐class nation. The long‐term vision of this campaign is to ensure that quality higher education is affordable and accessible to all, without the burden of financial hardship.
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