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Generation Progress Action is a national advocacy and education organization that promotes progressive solutions to the political and social issues that matter to young people between the ages of 18 and 35. We strive to uplift the voices and leadership of young people across the country to ensure that their perspectives and needs are represented in policy-making spaces at all levels of government. Generation Progress Action is housed within the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

We focus our efforts on progressive solutions to climate change, gun violence prevention, criminal justice reform, immigration, and student debt.

Check out our sister organization, Generation Progress.

“Following years of advocacy, protesting, and organizing that was led overwhelmingly by young people of color, young voters again turned out in record numbers to demand a say in the future of this nation."

Read our full statement on the 2020 election:

We're voting:

For solutions to the climate crisis. #ClimateVoter
Against gun violence.
For criminal legal system reforms.
To #CancelStudentDebt.
For immigrants' rights.
To fix our broken democracy.


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